As you may have already heard our fearless leader, President Obama, plans to announce tonight at 8pm that he will begin withdrawing 10,000 troops from Afghanistan.  It would seem as if he’s making good on his campaign promise to end the wars.  However, if you look at what is actually going on, you will realize that Obama has not only failed in keeping that promise, but has only made things worse. Here’s why:

  • As of right now, the US has about 125,000 troops in Afghanistan.  10,000 seems like a substantial number when it’s the only number. But if you do the math, it’s only 8%!
  • Even if the 8% troop draw down was a significant amount, the public seems to forget about Libya.  Even though we are not officially in Libya (meaning no ground forces) I’m not naive enough to think that we don’t have any boots on the ground.  Look for us to commit ground troops soon.
  • In addition to the bombings in Libya, the US has also sent warships to Syria. How long is it before we’ve started a bombing campaign in Syria?
  • And let us not forget that we are still operating in Iraq.

So, by my count, that’s two full blown wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), one “kinetic action” (Libya), and the beginnings of another military operation (Syria). Now, all of a sudden, 10,000 troops doesn’t seem so significant does it? Try to keep this in mind when Obama is giving his speech tonight; which will no doubt be persuasive since he is an amazing public speaker. Unfortunately, his public speaking ability does not spill over into his ability to lead.  Always watch the other hand.

“If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” – James Madison


The creaters of crossfit have certain benchmark workouts called “The Girls”.  They are used to measure one’s progress every few weeks/months, etc.  “Fran” is one such workout.  Here is a video of an EXTREMELY fast “Fran” workout: 

I’ve done “Fran” once before, but unfortunately I didn’t record the results so I have nothing to compare today’s results with.  Here is “Fran” broken down:

For time:

2195 pound Thruster

21- Pull-ups

15 – 95 pound Thrusters

15 – Pull-ups

9 – 95 pound Thrusters

9- Pull-ups

Click here to find out what a Thruster is.

My result for this WOD was 9:32. As of the end of the 5pm class, it was ranked 3rd among males who did the prescribed workout (weight and reps. Not scaled.) There is still a lot of room for improvement!

Let me start this post by saying that shin splints are a BITCH.  I’ve done some research and no one knows specifically what causes them. How is it 2011 and we still haven’t figured this out?!  Everything I did after the VFF run, was extremely painful!  Anyway, I was bored so I figured I’d get my heart pumping a little bit this morning. It’s around 11:20am now and I just got out of the shower, this is what I did:

Part of my post-run routine.

9:30 am

  • VFF transition run-800m
  • 1.3 miles in regular shoes in a shameful 12:09
  • 800m gas mask run (no time recorded)
  • 2x100m gas mask sprints (no time recorded)



Crossfit time.  Today’s WOD looked painful as f*ck and turned out to be exactly that.

Deadlift, Squat, Push press

For time:
225 pound Deadlift, 21 reps
50 Squats
135 pound Push press, 21 reps
225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
50 Squats
135 pound Push press, 15 reps
225 pound Deadlift, 9 reps
50 Squats
135 pound Push press, 9 reps

I scaled this WOD down to 185 pound Deadlifts and 105 pound push press and completed it in 14:13.  After the scheduled WOD I did 4 x 500m sprints on the rowing machine with the gas mask on. Once I got home and showered, I weighed myself on my scale that tells you your body fat percentage (It CAN’T be accurate!) and this is what it showed:

177.6 pounds at 17.7% body fat

I sure hope the bf % is off.  But anyway, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment!

Ok, so after breaking my foot by moving too fast to minimalist footwear, I decided to do it properly this time. I’ve been running 800m (1/2 mile) every other day for a week so far.  I found a great article written by an awesome podiatrist on the subject.  You can either click the link, or read here:

Medical Resource vol. 2:

Transitioning to FiveFingers or a Minimalist Running Shoe


A minimalist shoe is designed to simulate running barefoot and is therefore built with a very low heel and thin sole. These shoes are intended to help you develop your form by allowing your feet and legs to work the way they were intended to. The goal of the shoe is to mimic how you would run if you were barefoot – shorter stride, faster cadence, midfoot/forefoot footstrike.


Switching to a minimalist shoe significantly changes your gait. When our gait changes, we use muscles in a different way to control our foot as it hits the ground. Think of it as starting to run all over again.


We recommend to start out at 10% of what you are currently running and to build on that. It also helps to wear your new shoes around the house to strengthen the muscles in your feet that you are not accustomed to using. Intrinsic muscle strengthening exercises can also help prepare your feet for this new style of running (See Picture.)

There is no doubt that once you bring home your FiveFingers you will be excited to put them on and start running! I would encourage you to let your body adjust by first wearing them sound in your house. If you have the ability to wear them at work or in an environment that allows you to stand for 1-2 hours, this will help.


Some people ask about gradually transitioning from a traditional running shoe to a lower heel height running shoe and then gradually moving down to a minimalist shoe. While this may sound like a good idea, it actually will take longer to do this. Your body will have to adapt to change each time you switch shoes and this change needs to be gradual or it can precipitate injury. In other words, you would have to follow the 10% rule that we have already outlined with each change in heel height. I recommend finding the FiveFingers or minimalist shoe that you wish to begin running in, and then begin the transition process. Most people will start with running .25 miles or 2 minutes in the minimalist shoe, and then putting back on your traditional running shoe to finish your run. It is advised to leave a day rest in between runs ( you can still run the following day in your traditional shoe.) After 2 weeks of this you can then increase to 0.5 miles or 4 minutes. Let your body determine your ability to increase faster. Some people will have the ability to move to 1 mile after 4 weeks. If you are experiencing lower calf pain or dorsal foot pain, slow down the transition rate.



This may seem like a long process, but as you progress into the 2nd and 3rd months you will find your body will allow you to run longer in your minimalist shoe.


I also encourage my patients to begin the process by running completely barefoot on a track or treadmill the first several times so that you can properly adapt to this new gait. FiveFingers do offer the closest sensation to that of running barefoot.


Remember you are basically teaching your body how to run all over again. You will be using muscles that have been relatively inactive during your running previously so they will become sore. This is especially true for the soleous muscle and most importantly the intrinsic muscles of the feet.


Next Friday we will review what happens to the intrinsic foot muscles during this process.


Dr. Campitelli recommends consulting a physician prior to starting any exercise program and the information provided here is not recommended to be advice in place of seeing your doctor for a medical problem.

Ok, I know I haven’t posted in a while and I apologize for that. Hopefully I’ll be more consistent from now on. Here’s a little breakdown of what I’ve been doing since my last post.

  • Working on a slow transition back to running in Vibram Five Fingers.
  • Doing more running.
  • Military functional type training (i.e. Running in boots with body armor, chest rig with mags, a 35 lbs. ruck sack, and a gas mask on to restrict my air flow.)  The purpose of training with restricted O2 is that I will be going to Bridgeport, Ca next month for two weeks of training at the Mountain Warfare Training Center.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to lately.  Now on to Thursday’s Crossfit WOD:

Lunges, Pull-ups, Sit-ups

For time:

100 ft Walking Lunge

21 Pull-ups

21 ABMAT Sit-ups

100 ft Walking Lunge

18 Pull-ups

18 ABMAT Sit-ups

100 ft Walking Lunge

15 Pull-ups

15 ABMAT Sit-ups

100 ft Walking Lunge

12 Pull-ups

12 ABMAT Sit-ups

100 ft Walking Lunge

9 Pull-ups

9 ABMAT Sit-ups

100 ft Walking Lunge

6 Pull-ups

6 ABMAT Sit-ups

My results: 13:55 Rx

I was pretty surprised with my time. This was the first time where I was the first person to complete a WOD.  A few things I think that could have helped me were:

    • Proper diet: I ate 4 clean meals before I went to the gym at 5pm.
    • Proper hydration
    • Getting better at butterly pullups (example below)

Anyway, that’s it for now. Check back later for another update on TODAY’S WOD. Thanks for reading!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
7 Muscle-ups

I was originally going to take today off, but got bored of playing Black Ops around 2:30 and decided to go to the gym and at least get something done. I went out last night with one of my friends, who is leaving early next week, and probably drank more than I should’ve. I take that back, I DID drink more than I should have.

I went to the gym late today (5pm instead of noon) to allow myself to get re-hydrated and eat a few meals.  I substituted a 500m row for the 400m run since I still haven’t gotten the doc’s “go-ahead” to run. Since I’m still pretty new to crossfit, I cannot do a muscle-up so I had to scale that down as follows:

  • For every prescribed muscle-up, complete 3 pull-ups AND 3 ring push ups.

My results were a little disappointing. I was exhausted all day from drinking last night and a whole week of WODs, but that’s really no excuse is it…

Results: 2 rounds + 14 pullups/ring pushups.

Now, I rest all weekend and prep my body for Monday’s WOD!

I was really sore when I woke up this morning after yesterday’s workout. I considered not even going to the gym today, but somehow talked myself into it.  I think my motivation was that I was planning on making today my “cheat” day, so I might as well work out hard! Plus, I really have nothing better to do since I’m not in school this summer.  Even though I was sore, I was a lot less sore than I expected, and aside from that and a few rips I developed during yesterday’s WOD, I felt really good.

Today’s WOD was very intense. I considered not doing the double unders since I’m not supposed to be doing anything that places a lot of “stress” on my formerly fractured foot, but I ended up talking myself into doing them anyway.

Five rounds for time of:
5 Overhead squats, 135#/83#
10 Toes to bar
15 Hang Power Cleans, 95#/63#
20 Double-unders

I had to scale the overhead squats down to 95#, but I still managed to finish all 5 rounds in 26:30, and I was happy with that time. I feel myself finally getting back into the mindset I need to consistently push myself past my limits.  That’s all I got for now, what have YOU done today?!

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